What Kids Miss The Most About In-Person Church Services

It hasn't been easy for kids to miss in-person church services due to the pandemic. 

Here are some of the things they miss and how you can make sure it's a key part of your strategy as kids are coming back to church.

Live worship songs.  Kids love to sing praises to God and miss the chance to sing to God in corporate worship.  

Volunteering Kids love to serve and when they don't have the opportunity, it can be difficult for them.

Spending time with friends at church.  Many have close relationships with the friends they attend church with. Not being able to connect with their friends has been hard at times. 

Seeing their volunteer leaders in person.  Volunteers are the ones that make in-person church a home run. They connect with the kids.  They listen to the kids.  They build relationships with the kids.  They pray for the kids.  They engage with kids and help them learn Biblical truths and memory verses.  Not being able to see Mr. Craig or Mrs. Natasha in-person is hard.  Relationships are such a key part of a child's experience at church.  

Small groups.  Whether in a small group format or traditional Sunday school format, kids being part of a small group is huge.  It is where they have the opportunity to share, laugh, learn and grow spiritually.  Some small groups have tried to meet online, but nothing can take the place of spending time face-to-face and in-person.

These are just a few of the things kids are missing due to the pandemic.  We all look forward to the day when it will be safe enough for everyone to come back to in-person church.  I would encourage you to work toward all of these elements being key parts of your in-person ministry.