20 Funny Quotes From Kids

It's Friday.  Another week has come and is now fading away.  

Time to finish up getting ready for a busy weekend of ministry.  

With that in mind, take a deep breathe and relax.  God's got this.  You've got this through His power.  

Pause for a minute and crack a smile.  It's a fun, joyous thing to be able to serve Jesus.  And He believes in lots of smiles.  His Word says one of the best medicines is a cheerful heart.  

That being said, here are 20 funny quotes from kids that will put a smile on your face as you head into the weekend.

"I just wanted you to test the ladder because you are heavier and older and you've already had a good life." -Mitchell, age 7

"Is your hair turning white because it is frozen?" -Carrie, age 4

"Mom, can you wash my blanket? It smells like a fly landed on it."  -Doug, age 6.  

Lila - "Mom do you want to hear how my dead frog sounds?"  Mom - "Yes, let's hear it."  Silence. "That's it. It's dead. It doesn't make any sounds." -Lila, age 8

"Mom, after the virus is over, can we please delete Zoom from my computer?" -Gia, age 7

"There's going to be a swearing-in ceremony for the new board members." (mom)  "Swearing? Mom you should not participate in that!" -Hailey, age 8

"I don't like this swim suit." (mom) "I think it makes you look like a killer whale."  -Ashley, age 7

"You know what's for dinner? I can't think of what it is called.  It's like spaghetti's weird cousin."  You mean lasagna?" (Dad) "Yes. that's it!" -Lila, age 9

"You can't eat a bag of Funyuns for breakfast.  You've already had Cocoa Puffs, cereal and eggs." (dad) "But I only had a 2 course meal!"  -Kenna Grace, age 5

"What's that little dot on your face mom?" "That's a mole, honey." (mom) "Aww cute! And it even has it's own little hair."  -Michael, age 5

Holden was upset because he didn't get what he wanted at Target.  "We don't always get what we want." (mom)  "I didn't want everything, I just wanted that!" -Holden, age 4

"Let's play superheroes! We can each pick a power." (Landon, age 6) "Okay. My superpower is being able to turn invisible." (AJ - age 4)  "Okay! My superpower is seeing invisible things." (Landon)

"Last night my 4-year-old said a prayer for all the people in the world including "Africa, Asia and Syrup." From now on, I will be referring to Europe only as Syrup."  -Dad

"One of my twins calls the trampoline a jumpoline and the other one thinks ham sandwiches are called hamwiches, and this is why kids should be in charge of naming things." -Mom

“My grandson at 4 called my pantry ‘your food closet.’ And it has remained that.” -Mom

“My now 15-year-old used to call an ambulance a ‘hospital bus’.... I mean, she wasn’t incorrect.” -Dad 

"Excuse me, I know you like taking naps.  But I don't." -Henry, age 3

"Mom.  Remember when I was 2 and didn't have a phone.  That was horrible."  -Lille Claire, age11

"Dad works to make money so he can buy me toys."  -Elissa, age 3

"Mom, I'm not made for making my bed." -Matthew, age 7