Help Kids See the One

I believe kids can be a witness for Christ and reach other kids with the Gospel.  I have seen it happen time and time again.

Not only can they reach kids, but they can also reach adults.

The same Holy Spirit that resides in adult believers resides in child believers as well.   

Our role as children's ministry leaders is to help kids identify the people in their life that need Jesus. 

A great way to do this is to help them identify one person in their life who needs Jesus. Encourage them to begin to pray for that person and look for opportunities to share Jesus with them.

That's how they can change the person at a time. 

Jesus often focused on one person in His ministry.  Zacchaeus.  The woman at the well.  Nicodemus.  The rich young ruler.  The parable of the one lost sheep.  The parable of the one lost coin.  The parable of the prodigal son.  Many of the disciples whom He approached individually about following Him.

What taught kids about reaching other kids with the Gospel?

What helped each child identify one person they want to see come to Jesus?

What encouraged them to look for opportunities to invite that person to church and to share Jesus with them?

If you will be intentional with this, you will see kids get excited about reaching one of the people in their life. 

Here's a way you can emphasize this - I tried this and we saw great fruit come from it.

At the end of your service / class, have an empty chair with you.  Share that the empty chair represents one person in their life that doesn't know Jesus.  It might be a schoolmate, a friend, a person on their sports team, another kid in their neighborhood, etc. 

Share how God has called each of us to be a witness to those around us.  We are called to carry the Gospel to others.  

Have the kids bow their head and close their eyes.  Ask them to think about one person in their life who doesn't know Jesus.  Ask them to raise their hand on behalf of that person.

Pick 4-5 kids who have their hands raised to come up front with you.  Hand each of them an invitation to church and a tool to share the Gospel like a witness bracelet, wordless book, etc. 

Remind the 4-5 kids that this is a serious commitment.  They are committing to sharing the Gospel with that person and inviting them to come to church with them the next week.

Have the entire group pray over those 4-5 kids who will be connecting with their "one" that week. 

Do this and you will be amazed at how God can use kids to bring other kids and even adults to Him. Every time I did this, we would see kids bring their "one" to church with them the next Sunday and many of them came to Jesus.  

However you decide to do this, make sure you emphasize the importance of each of us having our "one" that we are praying for and sharing the Gospel with.

Those "ones' add up quickly and you will begin to see your ministry grow as a result.

p.s. If you are looking for a teaching series for kids about sharing the Gospel - be sure to check out the "Blab Lab."  Each week, Professor Blabalot helps kids invent cool ways to share their faith. You can see more details at this link.  Guaranteed to help your kids start sharing the Gospel with people.