People Are Talking About Your Ministry

This week there will be people talking about your ministry.  

There will be kids who are talking to their parents about your ministry.  They will excitedly tell their parents that they had a blast and want to go back. Or they will shrug their shoulders and mumble something about it being boring.  

There will be parents talking about their first experience at your church.  Was there guest parking?  Was the check-in process easy to use and efficient? Was the church welcoming once you got past the greeters at the door?

I have found that one of the most effective ways to grow a church is by word of mouth.  People talking about how God has used the ministry to change their life.  As the "good gossip" is spread, people will begin to be drawn to your church.  

One time, I was at a church conference.  It was being held at one of the largest churches in the nation.  During lunch, I happened to be seated with the pastor of the church that was hosting the conference. I started asking him lots of questions. 

One of the questions I asked him was this - how do you follow up with first time guests?  I was expecting him to respond with something like a 7 step follow up plan.  But no, he simply said, "we don't follow up with guests."  

Needless to say I was shocked at his answer.  But he went on to explain that they spend their time, energy and resources into creating irresistible environments. Their strategy was to give people such a great first experience, that they would be drawn back to the church.

It is obviously working for them.  Tens of thousands of people have been reached and are now followers of Christ.   

Another key part of this church's strategy is to train their people to "invest' and "invite."  What do I mean by invest and invite?  Well, it's a simple, but very strategic way to have their people bring unchurched friends, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, etc. 

They are taught to first "invest" their time, energy and resources into establishing and building friendships with unchurched people.  After they have done this, the next step is to "invite" their new friends to attend church with them.  

The new family comes to Christ and then they in return begin to invest and invite other people to attend church with them. 

The "good gossip" that is created is a key part of growing their church.  Word of mouth.  One family telling another family how much they enjoyed the church and how Jesus has changed their life.

What are people in your town saying about your church?  

I often tell churches that one of their goals should be this - For their church to be known as "the place for kids" in their city. 

When an unchurched family with kids decides they need to go to church, they will immediately think about your church and the "good gossip" they have heard about your children's ministry.

The early church didn't have television, radio, social media or newspaper ads to grow the church.  It grew by people talking about the miraculous things they were personally experiencing.  Person by person.  Conversation by conversation.  

I pray that people will begin "gossiping" about your children's ministry in a good sense.  When people begin talking about your ministry, you will begin to see God grow your ministry for His glory.