Why It's So Important For Men to Serve in Children's Ministry

Take a look at your children's ministry. How many men do you have serving?  In many churches, the answer is just a few or none at all. 

We must remember how important it is for men to serve in children's ministry.  

Why is it so important?  Let's talk about a few reasons.

It's important for men to serve in children's ministry because they can be a positive role model.   Kids need people they can look up to.  People they can trust.  People who practice what they preach.

It's important for men to serve in children's ministry because they can help boys who are from single parent homes.   Many of the boys who attend church do not have a father figure in their life.  Men who serve in children's ministry can make a big impact in their lives. 

Men who serve help bring balance to the ministry.  The majority of people who are serving in children's ministry are females.  And praise God for them.  In most cases, there would not be a children's ministry if it wasn't for the ladies who step up and make an impact by serving.  

But we also need men to step up and serve in children's ministry.  This takes being intentional about inviting men to serve.  With the best of intentions, we have unknowingly sent a message that says children's ministry is for women only.  We give away "tote bags."  We decorate with a feminine expression for training and parties.  We talk about "love" and "relationships."  All of these point toward children's ministry being for women only.

Boys will follow men.  Boys feel more freedom to share their input, ideas, prayer requests, etc. with a man in many situations.  Older teenage boys have an incredible opportunity to influence young boys.  This is who young boys look up to and aspire to be like.  

So how does it look in your ministry?  Is the majority of the volunteers females? 

Why do you think it is so important for men to volunteer to serve with boys?

How many men and teen boys do you have serving?

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