5 Ways to Involve More Men in Children's Ministry

There is a shortage of men volunteering in the average children's ministry.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  If you'd like to see more men serving in your children's ministry, here's five ways to bring them in.

Cast vision for the unique impact men can make.  Men are searching for significance.  They want to leave a legacy.  What better way to do this than investing in the next generation.  Show men the significant impact they can make in children's ministry.  An example would be showing men the impact they can make in a boy's life who is from a single parent home.

Instead of begging men to serve in your ministry, invite men to a vision that is bigger than themselves.  Instead of inviting them to a need, invite them to an opportunity to make an impact.

Make your ministry more male friendly.  Make sure your print pieces, volunteer gifts, decorations for training events, etc. are appealing to men as well.  If you cover your tables with pink tablecloths or only give away tote bags to volunteers, don't expect men to be drawn to your ministry.

Create additional roles that are a good fit for men. How many roles do you have that are a good fit for men? Creating additional roles for men is a great way to bring more men onto your team.  Here's an example.  We created a safety and security team.  This new opportunity brought many new men onto our team.  Some start on this team and then move into roles inside the rooms as they get involved.

Celebrate the men who are currently serving in the ministry.  Highlight some men who are currently serving in your ministry.  Perhaps you could honor them in the church bulletin or make a poster in the hallway with their picture on it.  When men see that other men are serving in children's ministry, they are much more open to serving.

Ask the men who are currently serving to invite their friends.  Be intentional about asking the men who are currently serving to invite their friends to serve with them. They can influence other men to join your team.

It's time for men everywhere to step up and make a significant impact in the lives of kids.  It's time we turn the shortage of men in children's ministry into an abundance of men who are investing their time and talent into the next generation.