10 Ways Kids Can Serve

We know that kids who grow up serving at their church have a far greater chance to stay in church and serve Jesus for the rest of their life.

When we give children the opportunity to serve, we are giving them the opportunity to be like Jesus.  

Jesus' entire life can be summed up in two words - serve and give. 

And this is what we must model and live out if we want kids to serve Jesus for a lifetime.

For far too long we have told kids to sit still and be quiet at church.  And then we wonder why they grow up and sit still and are quiet at church.  The reason is because we told them to when they were kids!

It's vital that we provide kids with opportunities to serve at church and in the community.  Here are a few ways you can do this.

1. Greeting Greeting with their parents before the service begins.  Greeting at the kids' room entrance.  The "sermon" starts way before the actual service.  Kids and their parents can help new families feel welcome, comfortable and valued. 

2. Buddy.  It's not easy for many new children to get integrated into a room filled with kids they do not know.  Here's how kids can help with this.  They can be a "buddy" for the new child.  Pair them with the new child.  Their role is to be a friend during the service and help the new child feel comfortable and welcomed.

3. Sound system.  Kids can be trained to run a sound system.  

4. Tech support.  Kids can be trained to operate the slides for the service (Power Point, Pro Pres., Key Note, etc.)

5. Help clean up after the service or class.  Pick up paper.  Straighten the rows of chairs, seats, rugs, put toys away, etc.

6. Serve in preschool with their parents.  They can be a great helper for their parents who are serving in early childhood.  

7. Kids' worship team. Create a kids' worship team so they can help lead other kids in worshiping Jesus. They can also sing in the adult service on special weekends. 

8. Actors for skits.  Enlist kids to help act out Bible stories.  Provide costumes for them to wear. 

9. Write encouragement notes to missionaries and other people who are public servants like pastors, firemen, police officers, etc.

10. Serve in the community.  Organize opportunities for kids to serve the community. This can be things like picking up trash, cleaning widow's yards, painting school areas, passing out free bottled water, etc.

When kids grow up in a serving culture, they will embrace it and own it.  There's nothing that brings more joy and satisfaction.  Their acts of service can be a catalyst for spiritual growth. 

Are you providing kids with opportunities to serve?  

Are you helping kids serve outside the four walls of the church?

Are you intentional about enlisting kids to serve with their parents?   

Do you encourage parents to have their children serve with them when it is appropriate?

Looking back at my life, it was saying "yes" to serving as a teenager that propelled me forward spiritually.  

I believe the same thing can happen for the kids in your ministry as you help them start serving.