6 Times Is a Charm

I am currently consulting with a church.  One of the things I am working with them on is improving their children's ministry programs and formats. 

Last week, I taught the elementary lesson using the Connect12 curriculum.  I am training the teacher and next week we will co-teach the lesson.  That will be followed by the teacher teaching solo the week after.

One of the key elements of the curriculum is repetition.

Why?  Because repetition is a big key to placing truth into children's long-term memory. Check this out...

If a child hears something one time in a month, they will only remember about 10% of it.  But if a child hears something 6 times in a month, their retention rate will go up to 90%.

It is crucial that during your lesson you have the kids say the key truth at least 6 times. One fun way you can do this is by putting in an attention grabber.  When the attention grabber (video cue) pops on screen, the kids know to repeat the key truth.  Here's an example...

And if you have the same key truth for all 4 weeks in a monthly teaching series, that's a minimum of 24 times the kids will say the key truth during the series. 

I see many teachers that will mention a key truth one or two times during a lesson.  And then they wonder why the truth doesn't get into children's long-term memory.

The goal is for the teaching truth to be embedded into their mind for the rest of their lives.

One day, when a college professor says there are many ways to heaven, the truth they learned will override that. 

One day, when they are sharing the Gospel with a neighbor, the truth they learned as a child will cause them to be bold to share about Jesus.

One day, when someone knocks on their door from a false religion, they will remember the truth that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

6 times is definitely a charm.  Try it and see.  Put it to the test.  Months or even a year after the series is over, see if they can say the truth.  

We only have a short time to help kids get God's Word into their long-term memory. We must be diligent.

p.s. You will also notice that the key truth rhymes.  That is in place for a reason as well. When a phrase rhymes, it's easier for kids to remember it.

Each of our teaching series has a key truth that is repeated at least 6 times each week during the series.  This enables you to take kids on a one year discipleship journey where they will learn 12 life-changing truths.  You can get more information and get samples at this link.

6 times truly is a charm.