Time to Get Ready for the Fall Ministry Season

Summer events and programs are starting to wind down.  In just a few weeks, school will start back up.  Vacations are ending and families will be settling back into a more regimented schedule.

The fall ministry season is a great time to grow your ministry.  Once school starts back, most churches see their attendance go back to a positive growth pattern.  

Yes, Covid has been a factor in most churches, causing attendance to lessen.  But I believe this fall, many churches will begin to see their attendance grow again. 

The fall season of ministry (I am referring to August - November) is a great time to grow your ministry if you are prepared to do so. 

Here are few check points to consider that will help you prepare.

Fall Volunteer Training

Gather all your volunteers and have a time of training and equipping.  If you want to have solid fall season, then you must have a solid volunteer team.  Reconnect with your volunteers and get them excited and on board for the fall season of ministry.  If you are looking at bringing in someone from the outside to help you prepare your team, I would be glad to help you.  I offer in person and online trainings.  You can get more info. here.

Back to School Bash           

This gives you a great opportunity to encourage your kids to not only be back at church, but to also bring a friend with them.  Go all out to make this a big weekend for your ministry.  Think about ways you can build excitement for this.  Maybe it's a special guest or program.  Maybe it's a small gift for everyone who attends.  Maybe it's kicking off a brand new, exciting teaching series.  Here are some exciting, engaging lessons.  Check them out at this link.  Maybe it's a guest contest.  Maybe it's a gift for all guests and for the kids who brought them. Maybe it's a themed Sunday. 

I recommend having this a week or so after school has started.  This gives kids the opportunity to invite their friends from school to come.  

Fall Festival

Many churches have a fall festival in October.  This is a great way to love on the families in your community by providing a safe place for them to get candy, play games, go on a hayride, etc.  Now is the time to begin preparing for this.  You should also have a plan to follow-up with families who attend the fall festival.  Here are some ideas for this.  

I'm praying with you that this fall season will be your most fruitful ever.  Praying with you as you reach unchurched families and see them discipled and following Jesus with all their heart.

What are you planning for this fall season of ministry? Share with everyone in the comment section below.