Why You Must Always Talk About the Why

I am currently doing a consultation for a large church. 

This past weekend, I was talking with some of the volunteers who serve in guest services. 

I saw an opportunity to share the "why" of their role in the ministry. 

I shared with them that people decide in the first 8 minutes if they are going to return or not.  

I reminded them of how vital their role is when they are helping a new family register. 

I saw their eyes light up and they got it. 

We instinctively jump to the "what" when we are talking with people about serving in children's ministry.  We explain to people that they will be changing diapers or leading a small group or singing with the kids or praying with kids or helping with crafts, etc.

But how often do we tell them about the "why?"  More than the "what" we should be talking about the "why."  

The why is how you cast vision.  The why shows the deep value of serving in children's ministry.  The why gives people a reason to serve.  The why demonstrates your purpose.  

I often say, "people will not line up to change a diaper.  But they will line up to change a life."

The why is the motivating force that drives what we should be doing.  

A big reason why you must always talk about the why is because it leaks.  Because the what is more tangible, volunteers naturally tend to digress back to it.  

That means you must be intentional about bringing the why into your conversations and communications.

Put the why in your weekly communication to volunteers. 

Remind people of the why every time you meet together. 

Talk about the why on social media.

The why is the motivating force behind the passion volunteers demonstrate?

Thank your team for being committed to the why.