10 Word Stories About Children's Ministry

What a joy and blessing it is to serve in children's ministry.  God is always at work and oh, the wonderful stories we could tell.  

So let's share some stories about serving in children's ministry.  And let's make each story 10 words or less.  Here we go.  Enjoy. 

Child hears Gospel and responds. Life trajectory is changed forever. 

Enlist volunteers. Equip volunteers.  Encourage volunteers.  Empower volunteers.

Kids worshiping Jesus.  Lifting their hands to Him in praise.

Newborn child.  Parents dedicate their baby and themselves to Jesus.

Pre-teens invested in. Helping them transition successfully into student ministry.

Child is baptized.  Her parents are baptized.  Entire family reached.

Parents greatest influence.  Equipping parents with tools to successfully influence.

Success in school.  Success in sports.  Greatest success loving Jesus. 

Greeter smiles and welcomes.  Family feels at home. Family returns.

VBS time.  Lots of work.  Lots of kids accept Jesus.

Easter.  Everyone shows up at the same time.  Lots of kiddos.

Volunteers. Often hear the words "thank you for serving."

Volunteer in sweet spot. Volunteer loves serving and sticks around.

Volunteer going through tough time.  Leader prayers with the volunteer.

Family experience service.  Kids and families enjoying spending time together.

Baby in nursery.  Prayed over.  Bible promise spoken over baby.

Parking lot - excellent service.  Sermon starts in the parking lot.

Name tag on car seat.  Hard to remove.  Good luck.

3rd grade boys.  Lots and lots and lots of energy.

Kids' service is very fun.  Kids drag parents to church.

Kids' service is boring.  Parents must drag kids to church.

Apologetics taught. Kids stick with their faith for a lifetime.

Leader shepherds volunteers. Volunteers grow in their faith through serving.

Leader prays for each child. Children see God answer prayer.

Kid gets tool to share faith. Kid shares at school. 

Kids start serving.  Kids continue to serve others as adults.

Leader calls child by name. This makes the child's day.

Man serves in children's ministry.  Becomes role model for boys.

Faithful, servant leaders will be rewarded.  God keeps great records.

Child's parents divorcing. Leader prays with and comforts the child.

Kids go to camp.  Come back home a different person.

Nursery leader whispers prayers over the babies. God hears prayers.

Offering comes in coins not bills.  God uses the coins.

Child receives a handwritten note from leader.  Makes his day.

Kidmin computer and sound system messing up.  Frustration once again.

Main point is often repeated.  Moves into kids' long-term memory.

Child accepts Jesus into her life.  Big party in heaven.

Your turn. Share some more short stories about children's ministry. 10 words in the comment section below.