This is What Children's Ministry Looks Like

I am always looking for ideas for children's ministry.  Especially when I am traveling. 

This past weekend, I was flying to Waco for a children's ministry event.  As I was walking down the jet bridge, I noticed they had some posters displayed.  I stopped to take a picture of some of them.

What was on the posters was awesome.  They had pictures of....well here, you can see them for yourself.

It was cool how they used digital imagery to communicate what they were about and what it looks like. 

This is a great idea to use in children's ministry.  What if you created posters that had pictures of your volunteers in action and said things like...

This is what a servant's heart looks like. 

This is what impacting the next generation looks like. 

This is what leaving a legacy looks like. 

This is what discipling the next generation looks like.

This is what serving Jesus looks like. 

This is what making a difference looks like.

This is what a parent partnership looks like.

This is what spiritual growth looks like. 

You could put these posters in your children's ministry hallways and other high traffic areas. 

These posters could be used to elevate serving in children's ministry, for reminding volunteers why they are serving and enlisting new volunteers.

What I love about this imagery is this - it doesn't come across as begging for more volunteers.  Rather, it shows a vision of what can happen when people serve in children's ministry.  

Everyone wants to know their life made a difference.  Everyone wants to leave a legacy.  Everyone wants to be a part of something that is eternal.  These posters are a great reminder of those things.