A Typical Gen Z Week

The typical week for a Gen Z kid (currently between ages 9 to 24) looks different than it did for kids in previous generations.

Yes, you have been a child, but not now.  Many aspects of childhood have changed.

Let's take a look at what a typical week looks like for a Gen Z kid.  

They are spending more time doing homework and sleeping more than kids a decade ago.

Gen Z spends an hour a day doing homework during the school year.  This is up from a decade ago by 44 minutes a day vs. 30 minutes in the 90's.

Gen Z is also getting more sleep than they did in the past.  They sleep approximately nine and a half hours a night.  On weekends, they are sleeping an average of 11 hours. 

Gen Z has over five and a half hours of leisure time each day.  Here's how they spend that time:

  • screens (weekdays - 3 hours, 53 minutes):  gaming, surfing web, watching videos, watching TV, etc.  
  • screens (weekends - over 4 hours a day)                                                                       

Gen Z's daily life (in minutes):

errands - 16 min.              

volunteering -  25 min.

paid work - 26 min.

housework - 31 min.

grooming - 51 minutes

eating - 1:05 minutes

education - 4:32 minutes

leisure - 5:44 minutes

sleep - 9:44 minutes

socializing, attending parties, sports and other entertainment events - 1:13 minutes 

Gen Z girls spend 10 more minutes a day, on average, shopping for items such as clothes or going to the mall (15 minutes vs. 5 minutes).

Gen Z girls spend more time than boys on grooming activities, such as bathing, getting dressed, getting haircuts, and other activities related to their hygiene and appearance. Girls spend an average of about an hour a day on these types of tasks (1 hour, 3 minutes); boys spend 40 minutes on them.

Girls also devote 21 more minutes a day to homework than boys do – 71 minutes vs. 50 minutes, on average, during the school year.

When it comes to the amount of time spent on housework, Gen Z girls spend 38 minutes a day, on average, helping around the house during the school year, compared with 24 minutes a day for boys. Gen Z girls spend more than twice as much time cleaning up and preparing food as Gen Z boys do (29 minutes vs. 12 minutes).

It is important to keep up with Gen Z and how they are spending their time.  This gives us good insight into how we can better minister to them.