Invest in Yourself

Do you want to grow as a leader?  

Do you want to take your ministry to the next level?

Do you want to know how to build an exceptional volunteer team? 

Do you want to improve your vision casting and getting people on board with you?

Do you want to become better at conflict management?  

Do you want to become an expert at leading change?

Then, I've got just what you need.  

Advance Coaching is a 6-month leadership experience that will help you grow both personally and in your ministry.

I lead this experience and draw from over 32 years of full-time children and family ministry experience.  I have helped build and lead some of the largest and fastest growing children and family ministries in the country.  In my most recent ministry role, I spent 9 years helping build and lead a rapidly growing ministry.  Our overall church attendance during those 9 years grew from 12,000 to 28,000 people attending our weekend services.  Thousands of those people were children.  I also built the children's ministry team from 300 volunteers to over 2,600 volunteers.  And in one year, we saw over 460 kids follow Jesus in baptism.  

The purpose of these stats is to simply show you that I lead the coaching from a place of proven, effective ministry.  I have personally seen the principles I will share with you work in a local church setting.  

Here's what you have to remember.  Investing in yourself is a key part of seeing you and your ministry grow.  As you grow as a leader, the ministry you lead will grow.  I can help you get to where you want to be.  

Advance Leadership Coaching has already helped over 80 leaders get to the next level.  Now it's your turn.  The next group starts in January 2022 and will go to June 2022.  The experience includes...

Monthly group coaching call.  Live, one-hour sessions on the important topics listed below. Each session includes teaching and group discussion.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topics with Dale and the other leaders in the group. Sessions are also recorded so you have access to them later as well.  

  • January - Self Leadership
  • February - Leading Staff and Volunteers
  • March - Leading Through Change and Challenges
  • April - Keys to Growing a Ministry
  • May - Creating a Dynamic Children's Ministry Culture in Your Church
  • June - Influencing Parents and Staying Relevant  

Personalized Growth Plan

Personal one hour phone session with Dale to help you identify areas of growth and development. From this, Dale will help you create a one year growth plan in those areas.  Includes identifying your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.  Plan includes developing a personal mission statement, key books to read, guided growth conversations to have with key people in your life, action steps, setting goals and measuring progress. There is also a one hour phone call at the end of the program to review and celebrate your growth.  

Copy of 4 of Dale's books ($61 value)

If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry

Lead Well in Children's Ministry

The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams

Fertile Soil...See Kid's Faith Grow and Flourish for a Lifetime         

 (*if you live outside the United States, you will receive a digital copy)   

 Personal Access to Dale 

You will have Dale's cell phone number and can call him with questions, discussions, etc.

Deadline to apply is December 18th.  I will only be accepting 20 leaders, so if you want to get in, fill out the application asap and I will connect with you.    

Now is the time.  Invest in yourself.  Watch what God does in your life.  

You can get more information about registering by clicking on the logo below or going to this link.    

Come join me!  Let's grow together!