Millennial Leadership in Children's Ministry

The Millennials.  Born between 1981 - 1996.  They are age 25-40 at the time of this writing.  They are the current and future leaders in children's ministry.  

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the workplace. And they are the largest generation in the nation. 

Millennials bring a lot to the leadership table. 

They are team players.  They know how to collaborate and work with a team effectively. Millennials prefer a teamwork approach versus authoritative management.  Are you giving them opportunities to speak into the ministry and bring fresh ideas, insight and strategies?  Are you leading with a team approach?

They know "tech."  They have lots of knowledge when it comes to technology.  They are able to keep up with today's quickly changing world of technology.

They are good with change.  They are not afraid to take risks and think outside the box.

Millennials have a good grasp for what it means to lead.  Nearly 50% say that they believe leadership is the empowerment of others.

They are problem solvers.  They face problems head on and find solutions.

They are motivated.  Help them discover goals they want to reach and then watch them move forward with boldness. 

They have a passion to learn.  They welcome mentors into their life.  In my Advance Coaching Program we currently have several Millennial leaders.  Their desire to reach and disciple the next generation inspires me.  

I believe the future of children's ministry is in good hands.  As the Boomers and Gen Xer's grow older, the Millennials are stepping up to bring fresh leadership and vision into children's ministry.  

Do you have Millennials in leadership positions?

Are you mentoring and investing in Millennial leaders?

Are you open to the ideas and input that Millennials can provide?

Share your thoughts and insight about Millennial leaders in the comment section below.  And if you are a Millennial leader, we've love to hear your thoughts about current and future leadership opportunities in children's ministry.