5 Skills You Need to Lead a Children's Ministry

Children's ministry is not just about the kids. It's also about being able to lead the adults and students who are serving with you in children's ministry.

Leading in children's ministry is like every other role in the church - it takes strong leadership to move things forward.  Here are 5 skills you need to effectively lead a children's ministry.

#1 - Delegation.  You will quickly learn that you need to start delegating stuff away so you can focus on the things that only you can do.

Sit down and write down everything you are currently doing.  What are you doing that you shouldn't be doing?  Delegate at least one thing to someone else. Remember, your job is to equip people for the work of the ministry.  You are to be an equipper more than a doer according to Ephesians 4.

#2 - Motivation. You have to be a football coach and a cheerleader rolled into one person.  

You have to be a thermostat rather than a thermometer.  One sets the temperature.  The other one just measures the temperature. 

You should keep your team fired up and ready to charge hell with a squirt gun.  And remember, motivation leaks.  This means you need to constantly be motivating your team through the stories of how God is using them to reach and disciple kids and families.  That's how you "pay" them and that is why they are serving. 

#3 - Communication.  Leading a children's ministry requires a lot of communication. Communication with parents.  Communication with volunteers. Communication with children. Communication with your pastor or direct report. Communication with other ministries in the church. 

Communication should be prompt.  Answer emails, text messages and phone calls within 24 hours at the latest.  

Keep the proper people in the loop as you communicate. 

Send lessons, teaching outlines, class schedules ahead of time so people have plenty of time to prepare.

You can't keep people in the dark during the week and then expect them to shine during the weekend services. 

#4 - Collaboration.  You must realize that the smartest person in the room is the room. Don't fly solo. You need to be able to bring leaders together and collaborate to gather the best ideas.  Collaborate with student ministry.  Collaborate with adult ministry.  Bring preschool ministry and elementary together.  

You might be able to create something good by yourself.  But you can create something great when you bring others around you and glean from their unique abilities.

#5 - Implementation.  This means taking the ideas and creating a plan to make them a reality.  Putting action steps on paper and seeing it through to completion.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Work on improving your skills in these 5 areas and you can become a highly effective children's ministry leader.  The good news is you can improve your leadership in these areas if you are intentional about growing. 

Have you read my book "Lead Well in Children's Ministry?"  It's a must read for those who are serving in children's ministry leadership.  You can get it at this link.

Your turn. What are some other skills you need to lead in children's ministry?  Share your ideas and insight with us in the comment section below.