Don't Let This Nullify Your Children's Ministry

You can have the coolest children's ministry facilities on the planet, but it will be nullified if you allow this to happen.

You can have the best curriculum available, but it will be nullified if you allow this to happen. 

You can have the best preschool team on the planet, but it will be nullified if this happens. 

You can have the most thorough discipleship strategy there is, but if this happens, it will nullify what you are trying to do.  

Wondering what it is that can nullify your ministry?  Let's get a clue from this quote.

 A $200 million attraction won't be fun if the cast member at the front is less than pleasant. Jeff James, Vice President of the Disney Institute

Wow!  Do you see it?  No matter how awesome your ministry is, if you have someone who doesn't make people feel welcome and accepted, it will nullify everything else in your ministry.

One greeter who never smiles can nullify the rest of a family's experience at your church.

One teacher who is short with parents can nullify the rest of your ministry.

One check-in person who makes people feel like they are a "bother," will nullify the guest experience you are trying to give new families. 

Here are some steps you can take to prevent your ministry from being nullified.

Make sure you have the right people in the right seats.  Your front door greeters, check-in team members and classroom greeters should be friendly and outgoing.  If you currently have a negative Nelly in one or more of these roles, he or she will nullify the experience you are trying to provide for guests. You've got to get them out of that role.

Train your team members how to properly greet people and make them feel welcome.  Most people simply need to be trained in how to give guests a great experience.

"A crummy waiter will nullify a great meal."

Think about a time when you were mistreated or not valued at a place of business. How do you respond? If you are like me, you simply don't go back.   

If you are not having very many guests return, it could be because you are not giving them an excellence experience on their first visit.

Remember that the "sermon" starts in the parking lot.  Every single person who comes in contact with a guest leaves an impression with them.'s the deal. If a guest family doesn't have a good first experience, they are most likely not going to return.  No matter how many times you call them, write them and text them, they are not coming back The bad experience they had with someone on your team nullified that.

Always be tuned into the fact that people may not remember the lesson or the worship music or the class they attended.  But one thing is for sure.  They will remember how you made them feel.  

Don't give them a reason to have negative feelings and nullify your ministry.