The Number One Reason Parents Pick a Church

A stat was recently released by Barna that says the number one reason parents pick a church is because of the church's children's ministry.

58% of parents say they chose the church they attend because of what the church offers for kids. 

This is no surprise for those of us in children's ministry.  We know the importance of children's ministry and the vital role it plays in seeing not only children, but parents reached and discipled as well.

As you look at Scripture, you can see many instances where people came to Jesus for one reason - they needed something for their child.  They needed healing for their child.  Their child had died and they wanted Jesus to bring them back to life. Their child was possessed and needed to be set free.  

The same thing happens to this day. People need help teaching their children about God. People have children who are sick and need the healing touch of God.  People are having marriage trouble that is affecting not only them, but their children as well. People are looking for some help in raising their child.

I can't begin to tell you how important your ministry is.  No matter how far a father is away from God, if you do something nice at church for his child, you have his attention.  And no matter how far a mother is away from God, when you minister to her child, you have her undivided attention. Children's ministry is a great way to reach entire families with the Gospel. 

If you want your church to have a great children's ministry, then the following needs to happen. 

Put your best PEOPLE in children's ministry.  The people who volunteer in children's ministry should be the best of the best. 

Children's ministry should have great PROGRAM FUNDING.  It should have one of the biggest budgets in the church. 

Children's ministry should be high PROFILE.  It should be promoted and celebrated by the entire church.  You should regularly see and hear information about it.  It should be one of the biggest areas that the church promotes.

Let me ask you this.  

Is children's ministry a high priority at your church?  

Is it promoted on a regular basis?  

How does your church view children's ministry?

Is your children's ministry effective?  Is it reaching kids and their parents?  

Is there anything that you need to start or stop doing so your children's ministry can grow?`    

My prayer is that your church and ministry will grow exponentially.  That it will be a drawing point for reaching entire families in your community.  

Children's ministry is important to Jesus.  He made time to minister to children while He was here on earth.

A church that minimizes children's ministry will minimize God's blessings on their church.  But a church that maximizes children's ministry will receive God's maximum blessings.
Share this article with your pastor and other church leaders.  Use it to help them see why children's ministry is so important for the growth and blessing of God upon the entire ministry. 

Let's create children's ministries that are so effective that kids will be dragging their parents to church.  When that begins to happen, you will see your church begin to grow significantly.