20 Simple Ways to Show Your Volunteers You Appreciate Them

Last weekend, I was speaking at a church about children and family ministry.  We had a Q & A time at the end of the event.  

One of the leaders asked how do you prevent volunteers from burning out?

I gave several reasons and one of the reasons was lack of appreciation. These are volunteers who serve and never receive any kind of thanks for serving.  

Stats show that 65% of volunteers never hear the words "thank you for serving."  

Don't be that leader.  Be a leader who is intentional about showing your volunteers how much you appreciate them.

Here are 20 simple ways you can show your volunteers that you appreciate them. 

1. Say "thank you for serving and making a difference" each week.

2. Take a volunteer out for coffee and spend time talking with them. 

3. Have a few volunteers over to your house for dinner. 

4. Find out what a volunteer's favorite snack is and get it for them. 

5. Have the kids write out thank you cards for their volunteer leader.

6. Send them a personal, handwritten note of appreciation.

7. Grab your phone and shoot a short "thank you" video. 

8. Provide coffee and donuts on Sunday morning.

9. Recognize them on their birthday and celebrate with them.

10. Actively seek their feedback and listen to what they are saying.

11. Give them a gift card to a nice restaurant.

12. Provide resources for them to grow spiritually.

13. Don't leave them in the dark.  Communicate with them consistently.

14. Have a "volunteer of the month" and recognize the person for who they are and what they do.

15. Give them a weekend off and have someone else fill their spot for that weekend.

16. Send them a text during the week and thank them for serving.  Mention something specific they did that past weekend.  An example would be, "Thanks for teaching the Bible lesson to the preschoolers.  You did great.

17. Make time to mentor them and help them grow as a volunteer.

18. Brag on them in front of other people.

19. Have a "volunteer of the month" reserved parking spot. 

20. Bring them homemade cookies.

Your turn.  What are some other ways you show your volunteers how much you appreciate them? Share in the comment section below.