How You Can See Kids and Parents Come to Christ on a Regular Basis

The most important thing you do is sharing the Gospel with kids and their parents.  The Gospel is the power of God for salvation.   

Think about these questions with me.

Am I sharing the Gospel with kids and parents on a regular basis?

When was the last time I saw a child come to Christ?

When was the last time I saw a parent come to Christ?

When was the last time I saw someone baptized?

We know that stats show that most people who come to Christ do so when they are children.  I believe children and their parents are the greatest mission field in the world.  Our opportunity to share the Gospel and reach children quickly fades away as they move into their older teen and adult years. 

Here's the good news.  I have a strategy that can help you see kids and parents come to Christ on a regular basis. Here it is. 

Share the Gospel on a regular basis.  You can't share the Gospel enough.  Every week is great.  At the very least, you should share the Gospel twice a month. 

Ask kids who want to step across the line of faith to raise their hands during prayer time. 

When their parents come to pick them up, let their parents know that you have a class they can attend with their child. In that class, you will share what it means to enter a relationship with Jesus.

The class should be a family class for kids and their parents. No drop offs.  This is key if you want to reach kids and their parents with the Gospel.

In the class, clearly share the Gospel with the kids and their parents. You want to make sure they understand what it means to follow Jesus.  

At the end of the class, give parents the opportunity to lead their child to Jesus.  Or if the child is not ready to accept Christ, encourage them to continue having the conversation with their child at home.  Provide parents with a tool they can use to share the Gospel with their child. 

And here's the cool thing.  When parents get in the class and hear the Gospel presented clearly, you will see many of them step across the line of faith as well.  

Invite those who step across the line of faith to attend another class about baptism.  In this second class, clearly explain why you should be baptized. 

I have developed two classes for this strategy.  Starting Point is a class where you share the Gospel using scripture, videos, object lessons and dialogue.  Baptism for Kids explains what it means to follow Jesus in baptism.

This strategy has been proven to work.  In one year, I saw over 430 children and dozens of parents step across the line of faith, become followers of Jesus and follow Him in baptism.  Every single one had attended the classes.

Here is a testimony from a church that has started using this strategy. 

"I just wanted to share a quick praise report about implementing your Starting Point Class material this past year. 


We had 50 kids respond for salvation on Easter and sent home in their salvation packet to parents a follow-up QR code promo for kids and parents to attend our follow-up “Starting Point” classes on a Wednesday night. 


We had eleven children register. Two were guest families! They complimented the content and the creative ways of connecting with kids and teaching them about salvation and baptism. It was also the first time half the men including a grandpa attended with the family. 


This coming Sunday, I have the honor of baptizing half the group, and the rest will get baptized during the Summer. 


Thank you for providing us with excellent discipleship tools." 

If you'd like more information about these tools, click on the classes below. 

Starting Point

Baptism for Kids


If you have more questions, feel free to contact me in the comment section below.  


God wants to use you to reach kids and families with the Gospel.