2 Things You Can Do to Determine How Your Volunteers Are Doing

Do you want to know how your volunteers are doing?  

Are they serving from the overflow?  

Are they serving out of joy or duty?  

Are they excited about what God is doing or are they simply going through the motions?

Are they passionate about reaching the next generation or are they doing just enough to get by?

Are they spending time with God during the week or showing up at church unprepared and not prayed up?

There are two things you can do to answer these questions. 

#1 - Look into their eyes.  The eyes are the window of the soul.  What are their eyes saying?  Do you see their eyes sparkling with the joy of serving?  

Do you see sadness?  

Do you see burnout?  

Do you see hope?  

Do you see joy?  

Do you see love for children?  

Do you see the peace that comes from serving in the will of God?

Do you see compassion?  

This weekend, I want to challenge you to be intentional about looking your volunteers in the eyes.  What you see will speak volumes of their state of mind and spiritual health.

The other thing you can do to determine how your volunteers are doing is to simply listen to what they are saying.  

Do you hear words of encouragement?

Do they talk about what God is doing in their group?

Do they complain? 

Do they speak kind words to the children and to each other?

Do they argue among themselves?

Are the words of their prayers filled with anticipation?

Are their words negative or positive? 

Do they complain about small things or do they talk about the big vision God has given the team?

Be intentional this weekend about listening to what your volunteers are saying. What you hear will help you determine their state of mind. 

Look and listen.  What you see and hear will help you as you lead the team.