Mythbusting...a New Apologetics Series for Kids

Did you know that 13% of Gen Z kids say they are atheists?  This is double the number of adults who say they are atheists.  

What is causing this slide from the truth?  What is causing kids to abandon the faith and walk away?  

One of the biggest reasons is this - they simply don't believe anymore. 

And that falls back on us as parents and leaders in the church.

It's time we go beyond the fluff and start teaching kids apologetics.  

With this in mind, I created a teaching series called Mythbusting.  It's an apologetics series that teaches kids why we believe what we believe about key doctrines.

Lessons include...

  • Is God real or not?
  • Did we come from a big bang or did God create us?
  • Is Jesus God's Son?
  • Is the Bible God's Word or not?

If we are going to see kids stick with their faith and serve Jesus for a lifetime, then we must teach them why we believe what we believe.

This series is great for Sunday morning small groups / Sunday School, mid-week Bible study and children's worship services. 

You can get more information and see video samples, lesson samples, etc. at this link.