Why It's a Great Time to Do Live Events For Families

Did you know that streaming entertainment for families is stalling? 

A recent report from Hollywood Business News says families are not subscribing to streaming services as much and the number of subscribers has stalled or even seen a dip.

Netflix is reporting subscriber losses.  NBC's Peacock is flat.  Apple and Roku streaming is seeing a growth slowdown.  

But there is another form of family entertainment that is booming.

Live Events & Theme Parks  

Reports are showing that theme park attendance in Orlando and California is trending up with attendance well above pre-covid numbers.  Per capita spending by guests has grown by more than 40% compared to 2019.  Food and merchandise sales are also on the rise. 

Live events are also flourishing.  The demand is high and tickets for events is seeing record numbers. An example is Madison Square Garden. They are seeing a high level of demand for sporting events.  Tickets are selling above pre-covid numbers.  

When it comes to vacations or attending a live event, families are lining up with their wallets open.

We would be wise to take notice of this trend.  It means we have a great opportunity to minister to families through live events.  Families are looking for live events they can experience together.  They want to get out of the house and enjoy attending a live event or program.  

Think with me.  What live events could you offer families?  

Perhaps it's a family worship experience.  

A father & son camp out. 

A mother & daughter banquet.

A father & daughter dance.

A fall festival.

A Christmas event.  

A family Easter experience.

VBS family night.

A mother & son pancake breakfast.
Family mission trip.
Family camp.
These events can make a huge impact in the lives of families.  Don't miss the opportunity to reach children and their families during this time when they are receptive to live events and programs. 
Your turn. What are some other live events or programs we can do for families?  Share your ideas and insight in the comment section below.