The Hand-Off Zone

In a relay race, there is something called "The Hand-off Zone."  This is where the front runner passes off the baton to the runner behind him. 

If a team wants to win the race, it is crucial that they have smooth hand-offs. If a runner drops the baton, the team is immediately disqualified from the race.'s that important.

There are numerous examples in Scripture of spiritual hand-off zones. 

Moses handed off the leadership baton to Joshua. 

Elijah handed off his mantle to Elisha. 

Paul handed off the baton to Timothy.

Jesus handed off the baton to the disciples. 

This past weekend, I was speaking at a church in North Carolina.  I talked about handing off the faith to the coming generation.  There are 3 things we need to hand-off to the coming generation.  Watch this short video clip to see what it is.  (if you are reading this in an email and can't see the video clip - you can watch it at this link)