Is Your Cell Phone About to Die?

Here is a fact.  If you don't plug in your cell phone, it will die.

Doesn't it seem like cell phones always die at the worst possible time? 

We often see this portrayed in movies.  A person desperately needs to make a 911 call, but they look at their phone and the battery has run out of power.

The reason a cell phone dies is obvious.  We don't take the time to plug it in and recharge it. 

This can also happen with our spiritual battery if we are not diligent to stay plugged in to Jesus. 

Busy.  That's why most people don't make the time to plug in their phone.  

"The battery is not all the way dead."

"The battery will last longer than what is indicated on the screen."

"The battery will supernaturally work even though I didn't plug it in."

Busy.  That's also why most people don't make time to recharge their spiritual battery as well. 

"I don't have time to pray.  I've got to be at a meeting at church."

"I don't have time to read my Bible today...I will skip it for today and make up for it tomorrow."

"I am too tired to have my devotions today."

When this happens, we begin to see our spiritual battery depleted.  We get discouraged.  We begin operating in our own strength instead of God's.  We lean on our own limited wisdom instead of God's.

Ministry becomes drudgery.  Ministry becomes a duty instead of a blessing.  Ministry becomes something you don't look forward to. 

Eventually, if we don't stay charged up spiritually, we will begin to entertain thoughts of quitting and some people never make it back.  

It's pretty simple. You have to plug in each day and get your spiritual battery charged back up.  

Reading God's Word will charge your spiritual battery. Do this. Before you begin your daily Bible reading, bow your head and ask God to speak to you through His Word.  He never fails.  When you do this, you will find that a verse or even a phrase will pop out to you.  That is God's Word for you that day.  

Talking to Jesus will recharge your spiritual battery.  Sit down and spend time talking with Him each day. Yes. You can't see Him as you talk with Him, but you can feel yourself connecting to Him and you can experience His presence as you dialogue with Him. 

I have always remembered this quote.

The way to be successful in ministry is to simply stay in ministry.

The way you stay in ministry is keeping your spiritual battery charged. 

How is your spiritual battery today?  Running out of energy?  Feeling spiritually tired?

Slow down and plug in. Get charged back up.  God can do more in a second than you can do in a lifetime.  He is waiting and ready to charge you back up and send you out to see miraculous things happen. 

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