4 Proven Ways to Build the Volunteer Team You've Always Dreamed About

Do you need more volunteers?  You are not alone. I've never talked with someone who didn't need more volunteers in a local church setting.

That's why I am really excited about the upcoming live webinar "Building the Volunteer Team That You've Always Dreamed About."  

Four proven leaders will share how they build and lead volunteer teams.  

Brian Dollar, is a veteran children's ministry leader at First Assembly of God Church in Little Rock.  

Brian will be sharing how to lead volunteers. It takes strategic leadership to not only build a team, but to keep volunteers engaged and growing for the long-term.  

Bryan Cheney leads the children's ministry at Willow Creek Community Church.  He will be sharing how to lead and built a volunteer team even in post-turbulence.  Just like the rest of us, Bryan has led through some turbulent times in the last few years.  Like the majority of ministries, Covid caused some of his volunteers to step away from serving.  But through this Bryan and his team have continued to build their volunteer team and enlist people to serve in the days of post-turbulence.

One of the big factors in expanding your volunteer team is building up volunteers who can lead other volunteers.  This is the next level and can be a challenge to see happen.  Heidi Hensley, a veteran children's ministry leader, has led in some of the greatest churches in the country.  She will share how she creates layers of volunteer leaders which is a big key in seeing your team grow.

I will be sharing three small tweaks that you can make that will help you build a great volunteer team. These are tweaks that I used to build and lead a volunteer team of over 2,000 in a local church.  These three tweaks can be a game-changer for you and your ministry.

And yes...there will be Q & A time in each session so your specific questions can be answered. 

We have churches joining us from across the country and from several other countries.  Register today and save your spot.  

Can't make it for the live webinar due to a schedule conflict?  No worries.  When you register, you will receive access to the webinar on demand so you can watch it whenever you want. 

As an added bonus, I am giving everyone who registers a copy of one of my books - The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams or 52 Devotions for Children's Ministry Leaders. 

You can register at this link.  Join us for this great time of equipping and empowering.