5 Children's Ministry Books You Need to Read


They help us expand our thinking.

They give us fresh ideas and insight.

They challenge us and push us out of our comfort zone.

They give us wisdom about a specific subject.

They help us grow as a leader.

All of the above applies to the 5 books I am going to show you.

Here are five children's ministry books that you need to read in 2023. 

If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry

If you serve in children's ministry, you've probably heard of this book.  This best-selling book contains 10 keys to Disney's success.  It can help you build the ministry you've always dreamed about.  Thousands of churches have been helped and encouraged by reading this book. You can order it at this link.

The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams 

Need more volunteers?  You are not alone.  Everyone does.

This book has been called the best book ever written on the subject of volunteers.

In this book, you will discover 5 steps you can take to build a great volunteer team. This is the formula that Dale used to build a volunteer team of over 2,000 in a local church.  You can order it at this link.

Fertile Soil...How to See Kids' Faith Grow and Flourish for a Lifetime

In this groundbreaking book, Dale shares the 3 big reasons why kids grow up and walk away from the faith.  

But it doesn't have to be that way.  When kids are planted in fertile soil, their faith can grow and flourish for a lifetime.  

You will discover practical steps you can take to create fertile soil for the kids you serve.  You can order the book at this link.

Lead Well in Children's Ministry

Everything rises and falls on leadership...especially in children's ministry.  In this book, Dale shares how to lead well in every aspect of children's ministry.  From leading parents well to talking to your senior pastor about children's ministry, this book contains over 30 years of children's ministry leadership tools gained through practical ministry.  You can order the book this link.

52 Devotions for Children's Ministry Leaders

You spend many hours each week pouring into your volunteers.  

But who is pouring into you?  

Who is encouraging you?

Who is helping you grow as a spiritual leader?

How are you being fed spiritually?

In this book, there are 52 devotions that can help you and your team grow.  

These short devos can be used for personal devotions, pre-service huddles, staff meetings, volunteer meetings, newsletters, emails and more.  You can purchase the book at this link.

I currently have a special going on.  You can get all 5 of the books for $60.00.  This is a great deal and saves you $15.00 if you buy them separately.  

You can access the special at this link.