10 Keys to a Successful Pre-Service Volunteer Huddle

It's important to meet with your team before a service or event starts.  But most ministries that I know struggle with getting volunteers to show up for a huddle.

But I've got good news for you. You can see your pre-service huddle well attended and helpful for everyone who attends.

Here are 10 keys to a successful pre-service huddle with your volunteers. 

1. The right timing.

When you have your huddle is important for it to succeed.  Here is what I suggest.  This is an example of a service start time of 10:00 am.

9:35 - 9:45 am  -  Meet for huddle.

9:45 am  -  Open to receive kids.

2. Breakfast.  

Have some light breakfast items available.  Donuts, fruit, pastries, coffee, juice, etc.  Remember, you are trying to have them arrive early.  Not having to cook breakfast will make it easier for volunteers to come.

3. A joke or funny story.

Get started with some humor to lighten the mood and bring some smiles.  You can tell the joke or have a volunteer tell a joke or funny story.

4. Need-to-knows.  Go over any important news that they need to know for the day.  Last minute changes.  Events happening in the overall church such as baptism, baby dedication, etc. 

5. Honor one of the volunteers.  Pick one volunteer to honor each week.  Share where they serve and how they are making an impact.

6. Share a short devotion or training. 

Here is how I do that:

Week 1 - Spiritual growth teaching. We work on growing in our faith. 

Week 2 - Practical, ministry teaching (example - how to talk with a preschooler).

Week 3 - Motivational teaching.

Keep rotating through these. 

*I have a new book entitled "52 Devotions for Children's Ministry Leaders.  It is a great tool to use for your huddle talks.  You can get it at this link.

7. Key point and lesson goals for the day.

Go back over the key point for the day and any last minute adjustments, changes, etc. Take a minute and see if anyone has a question about the lesson, service flow, etc.

8. Prayer requests and prayer.

Prayer is a huge factor.  Take a minute or so to pray for any prayer requests, service for the day, the children, etc.

9. The Kiddos.  

One question people often have - What should we do with the children of volunteers during the huddle? Here are a couple of options:

  • Have the kids come in to the huddle and remain quiet during the huddle time. You can also let the kids participate in the huddle if you'd like.
  • Have the kids go to another room - 2 volunteers can rotate each week in that room and watch the kids during the huddle.

10. Cheer.

Stack hands and end with a cheer.  1...2...3...Jesus!  This will bring a burst of excitement and anticipation as volunteers head to their rooms.

p.s. Another question that is often asked - We have 2 services on Sunday.  How do I facilitate that? 

Have a separate room where you meet with the second service volunteers for their huddle time. After the huddle, they can go and replace the volunteers who served for the first service.