They Are Coming For Your Children

The LGBTQ+ agenda has become increasingly clear this month as they celebrate their depravity. 

Don't believe me?  Then watch the video below.  

While we, as children's ministry leaders, can't talk directly to children about this, we can equip parents to lead their children through this.  

A good starting place would be to show the video below to the parents in your ministry. Parents must take the lead on educating and equipping their children in these matters.

They need to know the gravity of the situation that we find ourselves in as a country. A recent Gallup survey found that 71% of Americans think same-sex marriage should be legal.  I don't care if 99.99% of people believe that sex outside of marriage between a married man and woman is okay,  I will stand with what the Word of God says about this.

America is no longer a Christian nation. We are a nation that has Christians in it, but we are not a Christian nation.  This is becoming increasingly clear when we don't take a stand against the evil that you will see in the video below.  

The future of of our children and grandchildren is at stake. We cannot just be neutral in this matter. We must speak up.  We must teach our children the truth about what God says about sexuality. If we don't, they will be swept up in the tidal wave of immorality that is headed toward them.  

This is not about popular opinion.  This is about standing on the Word of God. Will you stand and make your voice be heard?  Will you speak up and say " cannot have my children."