I Experienced a Miracle This Week

This past week, my father had surgery.  They had found numerous cancers on his prostrate and so the surgery was to remove his prostrate.

The surgery was a success and they were able to remove his prostrate.

A few hours after the surgery was over, he began to have serious pain in the surgery area.  This was understandable. But soon the pain became unbearable to the point where he felt like he was going to pass out.  

The doctor put him on pain medication and that did help.  But he was only allowed to have so much pain killer medicine.  At one point, he still had a few hours before he could have his next treatment of pain medication and he was in terrible agony from the pain.  He was writhing on the bed and crying out because of the pain he was experiencing.  

When the pain seemed to get to its worst, a nurse came in the room to check on my father.  The nurse was originally from Nigeria.  At that point, my father was crying out and asking for the people in the room to pray for him as he was going through this extreme suffering. 

The nurse stopped what he was doing and spoke to my father.  He said he was going to pray for him.  He placed his hands on my father and began to pray.  Halfway through the prayer he began to pray in the language of Nigeria...asking God to take away the extreme pain my father was experiencing.

As soon as he finished praying, a miracle took place.  You could see it in my father's face. His face immediately changed from writhing in pain to a look of peace and tranquility.  And then it happened. All of the pain immediately stopped.  

It was an instantaneous miracle.

He didn't need any more pain medication.  He quickly improved and was able to go home.  He is at home today. Resting in the power of God's divine healing...no more need for pain medication.

It was an eye-opener for me.  I knew God could do miracles, but had never seen one happen that quickly.  Yes, my faith is stronger and I have more confidence in the power of prayer.

We serve a miracle-working God.  

There is no sickness He can't heal.

There is no sin He can't forgive.

There is no suffering He can't ease.

The next time you are going through something...call out to God in prayer...He truly is a miracle-working God who hears and answers prayers.