Digital Native Parents

Millennials.  They are the parents of the Alpha generation. Gen Alpha are children born between 2010 - 2024.  

They are the young parents who have their children in your children's ministry.  They fall in the age range of 18 - 43 years old.

Here are some generational factors that you should keep in mind as you seek to minister to them. 

For today's young parents digital literacy is a core skill that every person needs in order to succeed in this digital age.  They know the good and the bad of living in a digital society. 

A recent survey found that children have more access to digital media than we realize.  They also spend a lot of time looking at content without their parents looking over their shoulder.

Parents were also asked about the devices that their children have access to...

  • smartphones
  • smart speakers
  • handheld game consoles
  • stationary game consoles
  • e-readers

28% of all children ages 4 to 13 have access to all of these devices.  

59% of the families surveyed have a generic smart speaker in the home and 50% have a child-specific smart speaker.

Today's parents want their children to succeed and they clearly understand that technology is a huge factor in this.

They also see technology as a way to spend more time with their children.  Nearly 50% of parents surveyed co-view with their children. Digital parents see technology as an opportunity to watch, play and have fun together.  

Digital time = family time for Millennial parents.

This means you have an open door to connect with parents and families through digital communication and engagement.  

Think about it...

What are some ways you can influence parents and children in the digital world we now live in?

How can you extend the weekend lesson into the homes of Millennial parents?

How can you connect with and communicate with Millennial parents through digital methods?

What do you need to re-access and change to effectively influence today's digital parents? 

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.