10 Most Popular YouTube Channels for Kids in 2023

According to a survey of global parents, over half reported that watching YouTube videos was a popular online activity their children chose to engage with. 

Kid-themed YouTube channels are among the most popular types of content on the platform.

Here are the 10 most popular YouTube channels for kids in 2023.  

There is much we can learn from these top channels. I would encourage you to visit these sites and look for clues about...

How to appeal to today's kids. 

Creating content that today's kids like.

Video formats that engage today's kids.

Spreading the word about your channel.

Creating content that goes viral.

How to get a large amount of subscribers for your channel.

TOP 10 YouTube Channels for Kids:

Chu Chu TV Nursery Rhymes (67.3 million subscribers)

El Reino Infantel (59.5 million subscribers)

Masha and the Bear (44 million subscribers)

Little LadyBum (40.9 million subscribers)

Ryan's World (35.5 million subscribers)

Galinha Pintadinha (34.1 million subscribers)

CVS 3D Rhymes and Kid Songs (33.8 million subscribers)

Peppa Pig (32 million subscribers)

Bounce Patrol (27.9 million subscribers)

ToyPudding TV 27.1 subscribers)