10 Things Every Preschooler Needs From Your Ministry

There are 10 things that every preschooler needs from your ministry. Let's talk about this.


Nothing of eternal value will be accomplished in preschoolers' lives without prayer.  God can do more in seconds than we can do in a lifetime. 

Pray regularly for the preschoolers in your ministry.

Encourage your volunteers to pray for the preschoolers that are in their class.

Pray with the children each weekend.

Teach the children to pray.

Call parents and ask them how you can pray for their children.

Put a prayer verse on the wall in each preschool room.  Pray it each week for the children in the room.


Every child wants to be known and to know that he or she is valued. Preschoolers need to be recognized and called by name. Learn the children's names.  Each week find at least one good thing to recognize about each child and acknowledge it. 

Eye Contact

Children need to be looked in the eye when engaged in conversation to feel you're genuinely interested in them. This usually means getting down to prechoolers' eye level.


Preschoolers are growing up in a scary world. Parents hold them close for fear of kidnapping, abuse or endangerment.  Church must be a safe place. Go the second mile to make sure every team member has been background-checked, interviewed, reference-checked and approved.

Have a thoroughly secure check-in and check-out system.  Put in place volunteer procedures and policies that provide security. 


Even at their young ages, preschoolers can sense when someone genuinely cares about them.  They need leaders who'll care enough to pray for their boo-boos, send them "miss you" cards when they are absent, and cheer for them at their kindergarten graduation.

Happy Birthday 

Birthdays are a big deal for preschoolers. They need you to celebrate their special day - so sing, bring a birthday treat and give them a small gift.


Preschoolers need the opportunity to hear God's truth and build a foundation for faith development.

Open Ears

Every child needs someone who'll listen with open ears.  So really listen - to preschoolers' stories, questions, fears and small talk.


Every preschooler needs to be able to laugh...to have fun...to be able to be a child.  Preschoolers need leaders who'll encourage this through age-appropriate activities that allow laughter to happen spontaneously.


God has given each preschooler unique talents and abilities.  Empower your preschoolers to use these talents and abilities through learning experiences and activities where they can succeed.