Generation Now

There are several labels used to describe today's kids and teens.  The first two are the names that are primarily used.

Gen Z

Gen Alpha


The Technos


Generation Glass

Generation Covid

Whatever you call the generations to come, it is our responsibility to pass along the faith to them and help them develop that faith so they can follow Jesus for a lifetime. 

One mistake I think we make at times is this.  We get so focused on the future of the next generation that we forget to pour into them now.  

We must understand that kids are not just the church and disciples of the future, rather they are also the church of now.  

Studies show that when a child gets involved in serving in the church, it will greatly reduce the pull they feel to abandon the faith.  This means we can't wait until kids are older to get them involved in serving. 

They are the church now.  We must look at them as generation now...because they are. 

This past weekend at my home church, we had kids leading in the sound booth and putting the words and videos on screen.  Yes...there were adults in the room who could have done this. But we want the kids leading now.  If we can get them serving now, they will be leading one day as adults.

There were kids serving in other parts of the ministry as well. This is on purpose.  We know we must capture the hearts of the next generation with the Gospel now or it will probably be too late if we wait until they are in their teen years.  We must help them develop a walk with Christ now.  We must help them fall in love with God's Word now.  We must model prayer for them now.  We must hep them read God's Word on a daily basis now.

For far too long we have told kids to sit still and be quiet in church. And then we wonder why they grow up and sit still and are quiet as adults?  It's because we told them to do this when they were kids.

Now is the time.  Now is the time to help Gen Z and Gen Alpha live like they are Generation Now...because they are.  Now is the time to help them see that God has a special plan for their life.  Now is the time to help them start walking in that plan.  

Yes...they are the church of tomorrow.  But they are also the church of now.  Let's lead and invest in them like they are the church of now.  If they walk as the church of now, one day we will look up and they will be leading in the church of the future.  

I remember a story told by D.L. Moody.  Moody was an evangelist in the 1800's.  He led over 1 million people to Jesus.  He returned home one day after speaking at a meeting.  One of his friends asked him how many people came to Christ at the meeting?  He replied, "2 and a half."

His friend said, "Oh, you mean you had 2 adults and 1 child come to Christ?" 

Moody replied, "No...I had 2 children come to Christ and 1 adult.  You see the children who came to Christ have their entire life to live for Jesus and serve Him.  The adult only has half a lifetime to do so."

Amen Mr. Moody.  You got it right.  We must focus on Generation Now!  They are the church of now and the future!