One at a Time

Do you need more volunteers?

Do you want to reach more kids and families in your community?

Do you want to see more kids discipled and grounded in their faith?

I'm going to share a simple truth with you that can help you in all of these endeavors.

Here's how you do it...

ONE at a time. 

"One at a time" takes an ongoing commitment to building a team and reaching kids and families.  

At one of the churches where I served as a children's pastor we saw the volunteer team grow from 300 to over 2,000 in nine years. 

How did we do it?  One ask a time.  One person at a time.  One week at a time.  After doing this for nine years, we looked up one day and had over 2,000 volunteers.

If you are going to build a great volunteer team,  you can't just rely on a general church-wide ask for volunteers.  You might get a few volunteers from this, but it won't be the catalyst that helps you build a great team.  Rather, the key is the personal, one-on-one ask. 

Think about it. That is the way Jesus built His team.  One personal ask at a time. One new disciple at a time. 

Here's what I would challenge you to do.  Make your dream list of volunteers. If you could have all of the volunteers you needed, what would that look like?  Get this down in writing.  Then start asking God to help you fill the empty spots.  One at a time. 

Ask a new person to join your team. Every single week of the year.  Keep signing up volunteers one at a time.  Do this consistently and one day you will look up and be amazed at how many volunteers you have.

87-93% of people who are serving were asked to serve through a personal invite.  

The Bible tells us that "we have not because we ask not."  Make a commitment to asking people to join your person at a time.

If you'd like more tips and strategies for building a volunteer team, you can get it from my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams."  It is available at this link.  It has been called the best book ever written on the subject.

If you are going to reach the kids and families in your community with the Gospel it is primarily going to happen the same child at a parent at a family at a time.

If you look the ministry of Jesus, He spent a lot of time reaching people one a time.

The woman at the well.



The man possessed with a legion of demons.

Person after at a time. 

At one of the churches where I served as a children's pastor we saw over 430 kids and dozens of parents come to Christ and get baptized in one year.

How did that happen?  One child and one parent at a time. We consistently shared the Gospel with kids and parents.

Every single one of these kids and parents went through a salvation class before they were baptized. The class is called Starting Point and is available at this link.  They also went through a baptism class called "Baptism for Kids." It is available at this link.

Hundreds of churches are using this to see many kids and parents come to Christ. 

Make a commitment that you are going to reach your community one child and one parent at a time. Keep sharing the Gospel and watch what God does. 

One volunteer at a time.

One child and parent at a time.

Will you make a commitment to put in the work it takes?  

Are you willing to ask and invite a person every single week?

You can do this. God is with you.