7 Big Lies You've Been Told About Children's Ministry

Many people do not understand what children's ministry is all about.  This is often because they have been misinformed or haven't been given a clear vision and overview about children's ministry.

When a clear vision for children's ministry is lacking, you will often see people default to what they have been told in the past.  

What they have been told in the past becomes the basis of their beliefs about children's ministry.  

The problem is this...they are often told things about children's ministry that are simply not true. This can be due to past premises or ways of doing children's ministry. 

Let's take a quick look at 7 of these lies that people have been told about children's ministry.

#1 Lie - They are just kids.  They don't care.  It doesn't have to be done with excellence.  They don't know the difference anyways.

Kids deserve our very best.  Our standards of excellence for student ministry or adult ministry should be matched in children's ministry.

They can perceive when we are not prepared properly for lessons or events.  They can tell when we are just "winging it."  

We should give our very best to all ages.  Kids included.  

When we begin to care about the standards of excellence in children's ministry, kids and parents will take notice.

#2 Lie - Children's ministry is just babysitting.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  

Children's ministry is ministry at the most crucial time in a person's life.  In the early years, so many brain connections are being made.  Truths are being solidified.  The foundation of faith is being planned and starting to be built.

Babysitting?  I don't think so.  Banish that word from your children's ministry vocabulary.  

#3 Lie - Kids can't come to Christ

It is interesting.  Throughout Scripture, we see adults being told to think like a child when they come to Jesus.  

The Bible says we should act like children when coming to Jesus.  It doesn't tell children to act like adults when coming to Jesus.  

Now I do believe there are certain ages when kids become old enough to understand what it means to follow Jesus and give their life to Him.  

But there is no "Jr. Holy Spirit."  Kids come to Jesus just like adults do.

If you need a tool to throughly share the Gospel with kids, check out my Starting Point curriculum. It will help you effectively tell children and parents about salvation.

You should also read this article about how old children have to be to come to Christ.

#4 Lie - Kids don't have to be taught apologetics.  They can learn that in high school ministry.

The battleground for the next generation is no longer starting in high school.  It is starting in the elementary years.  

Today's kids are being bombarded with lies.  Left alone they can't tell the difference between the lies and the truth.  

We must be committed to teaching kids why we believe what we believe. We can no longer assume they will get it and commit to it while they are in high school or their young adult years.  No.  It has to start early if we want to see kids grow up to love and follow Jesus. 

#5 Lie - Church is not the time to have fun.  Kids need to learn how to sit still and be quiet.

The problem with this statement is this...kids are wired to have fun. Kid's operate and learn best when they are in learning environments that are tailored to fit them.  

Yes...there are times when kids need to get quiet before the Lord.  Prayer time is one of those.  Kids need to get still and quiet. But outside of that, kids need the freedom to learn from activities, games, ice breakers, etc.   

A successful teacher will have lots of noise and movement in their class time.

#6 Lie - You can ask volunteers to stay over and serve an extra service...they won't mind.

They may agree to stay, but in the long haul, you will burn them out if you continue to do this.  

It is crucial that you build a solid volunteer team so this doesn't happen.  Have you read my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams?" Check it out at this link.  It will help you to not find yourself in desperate situations where you have to ask volunteers to stay over and serve an extra service.

#7 - You should use people to build the ministry.  

Your goal should not be to use people to build the ministry.  Rather, it should be to build people through the ministry.

People soon know when they are being used rather than when they are being invested in.  

Use the ministry to invest in people and help them grow as followers of Jesus. 

These are just a few of the lies the enemy will try to whisper in the ears of believers. 

Don't listen.  The whispers are lies and are not effective long-term.

Speak the truth...in love.

Your turn. What are some other lies that the enemy tries to whisper in our ears?  Share you thoughts and insight in the comment section below.