Preparing Kids for the Future...Now

We often talk about how children are the future of the church.  

That is true, but we must also prepare them to be the church of today.  

Now is the time to disciple the church leaders of today. 

Now is the time to equip the next generation of leaders. 

Now is the time to identify and invest in the leaders of tomorrow.  

Where do we want the leaders of tomorrow to take us? 

Our leadership in their lives should point that direction. 

The future is speeding toward us.  We must prepare the next generation now while we have a chance. 

We must encourage our children to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions from an early age. Provide age-appropriate opportunities for them to exercise independence, solve problems, and learn from their mistakes. This helps develop critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.  

See children as God sees them.   Ask God to give you a vision of what they could be.  It's easy to write kids off who do not meet the standards we oppose on them. Instead, allow God to give you a vision of what they can be as they grow in Him.   

Give them a chance. You are the leader you are today because someone in the past took a chance on you. Will you give the potential leaders of tomorrow a chance today?

We must also help them develop effective communication skills.  Communication skills will be vital for leadership in the future.  They have to be able to express themselves clearly, listen actively, and engage in conversation.  These skills are very important as they navigate work relationships.  

Leadership is about working effectively with others.  Encourage children to participate in team activities, games, and collaboration opportunities that will prepare them for this.

The Apostle Paul talked about this in 2 Timothy 2:22.

 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will be able to pass them along to others."

The earlier we start preparing them today, the better they will be able to thrive as leaders in the days ahead.