Why Parent & Child Dedication Is Crucial for Families

Yesterday, I taught the child dedication class at my church. I shared with the parents what the dedication means and why we do it. 

Child dedication is one of the milestones we celebrate with families. It is a crucial time in a family's life as they dedicate themselves to raise their children to be followers of Jesus. 

Couple of things.  First, if you don't have a class before the dedication, then start one.  

Here is a link to the class that I wrote and use for our dedications.  Churches across the country also use this class as part of their child dedication process. 

Secondly, use the class time to not only talk about what the dedication means, but also to talk about how they can raise their children to love and follow Jesus.  

This is a great opportunity to pour into young families and encourage them to set good priorities that are guided by God's Word.

Consistent church attendance is a big one to cover during the dedication class. As children get older, there is a big temptation for parents to put sports and other activities before church attendance.  I'm all for sports...but not during church time.  Being in church consistently is a priority that parents must be committed to if they want their kids to follow Jesus. 

This is why we must help parents see this when their child is young. If we wait to share this with parents when their children are older, it may be too late.  Once a child gets older and is involved in sports, it is harder to help families get their priorities straightened out.

But if you can invest in parents when their children are young, there is a much greater opportunity for them to set their priorities in alignment with the principles found in God's Word.  

Child dedication is a key, key, key part of that.