Sep 15, 2011

25 Ways to Show Your Staff You Really Care About Them

 "Put a person in authority, and you will know who they truly are."  
Yugoslav Saying

  1. Brag on them in front of others.
  2. Celebrate their birthday.
  3. Have them over to your house for dinner.
  4. Tell them you appreciate them with your words.
  5. Honor them for their years of service.
  6. Love on their children and grandchildren.
  7. Give them cost of living raises.
  8. Demand that they put their family first. 
  9. Ask them for advice.
  10. Say "I'm sorry" when you blow it.
  11. Show by your actions that you are there to serve them instead of them serving you.
  12. Ask them to speak into your life and help you grow as a leader.
  13. Follow through when you tell them you are going to do something.
  14. Tell them you appreciate them with a handwritten note.
  15. Don't always be looking over their shoulder.
  16. Look for opportunities to put them in the spotlight instead of yourself.
  17. As the leader, take the ultimate responsibility when something goes wrong...even if it was their fault.
  18. If they have a late night at church, tell them to come in late the next day.
  19. Show you care more about them than about what they do.
  20. Correct and give feedback face-to-face instead of by phone, email, or text.
  21. Tell them you believe in them.
  22. Go to the hospital when they or their family are sick.
  23. Pray with and for them.
  24. Cry with them.
  25. Help them see their blind spots so they can grow past them.
 Posted by Dale Hudson


#20 - and when you do correct, make surge it's private, especially when it's a severed correction.

-- Joey espinosa

Our church has an annual children's ministry leaders picnic at a local park for the volunteers. The volunteers are invited to bring their families and the staff prepares the meal. We budget for this event, so that on the day of the picnic, we can not only feed everyone, but we have nice door prizes (gift cards or items from area stores) for each of the workers. We started doing this about 6 years ago and it has become on of our favorite events.

What does #12 mean?? As written, it doesn't make sense.....

#12 Expanded - You ask them to help you grow as a leader by pointing out your blind spots. You are humble enough to be open to their feedback. They have permission to call you on the carpet when you do not reflect the core values of the organization.

Hope this helps make it clearer.

These are wonderful! Wish it happened in my situation:)

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