Christmas Idea #2 for Children's Ministry

This week I am sharing Christmas ideas for Children's Ministry.  Idea #2 is a Jesus' birthday offering. 
It's normal for a child to be focused on what he or she is "getting" for Christmas.  As a child, I remember my "wish list" consumed many of my thoughts about Christmas.

But what if we turned children's primary focus from what they are "getting" for Christmas to what they are "giving" for Christmas?  What a great opportunity to instill in children a heart of giving and living for others. 

One way to do this is to have a "Jesus' birthday offering."
  • Teach children and families that Christmas is about Jesus coming to the earth for us.  He should receive our best gifts at Christmas.  It is very important to teach the children the "why" behind the offering.  This moves it from something to "do" to something to "live." 
    • Pick a weekend to receive the "Jesus' birthday offering."  We receive the offering on our "Happy Birthday Jesus" weekend.  I'll share more about this in Wednesday's post.
    • Give children a container to collect their offering in (below is the one we use).  Another option is to print labels that kids can tape around a can or jar.

    • Choose a need or project for the offering.  Children respond well when they have something specific to give toward.  Show them pictures of what they will be giving toward (clean water for needy country, homeless shelter, funding a church building for a missionary, etc.).
    • Align with the entire church if a church-wide offering is being taken.   
    • Communicate about the offering to parents and partner with them.  The goal is to get the entire family involved.  Here is a short video Pastor Maxwell made to explain the offering to families in our church. 

      • Give children ideas on how to collect money for the offering (ask for one of their presents to be money toward the offering, do chores, have a yard sale, etc.) 
      • Have a special offering time during the service on the designated weekend.
      • Report back to the children and families about the results of the offering.  Take time to celebrate what God did and the impact the offering is going to have.

      Posted by Dale Hudson