Christmas Idea #3 for Children's Ministry

This week I am posting Christmas ideas for Children's Ministry.  Idea #3 is a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party.  Hosting a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party can help turn children's focus toward the true meaning of Christmas.  Here's the logistics...
  • Teach the children that Christmas is about Jesus coming to the earth as our Savior.  We are going to celebrate His birth with a party. 
  • Pick a weekend to host the party.  We host ours during the service on the weekend before Christmas.
  • Print party invitations and distribute them to the children and families.  Give children a few extra and encourage them to bring a friend.  Christmas is a great time to invite friends to come to church.
  • Elements to include in the party...
    • Worship 
    • Praise (give kids the opportunity to share what Jesus has and is doing in their life)
    • Lesson about the birth of Christ and why He came
    • Special "Jesus' birthday offering." (see yesterday's post for more info)
    • A birthday cake that says "Jesus."
    • Sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

Posted by Dale Hudson