Christmas Idea #4 for Children's Ministry

This week I am sharing Christmas ideas for Children's Ministry.  Idea #4 is Christmas Volunteers.  Most churches have additional services at Christmas time.  This usually means you will need extra volunteers in Children's Ministry.  This provides you with a great opportunity to enlist new volunteers.

Here's a strategy that we have had good success with.
  • 4 weeks out begin asking people for a one-time serve for Christmas services.  Normally I do not recommend doing church-wide asks in the adult service.  But Christmas and Easter are the exceptions.  If you present it as a church-wide push for people to step up and help at a Christmas service, you will usually get good response.  Present all church ministries together when doing this.  This should be in addition to the best way to enlist asks.  You will need to do both to be the most effective. 

  • Enlist with vision instead of need.  Explain to potential volunteers that many families will try out "church" at Christmas time who otherwise would not attend.  By volunteering, they are playing a key role in reaching families for Christ.
    • Give each person that volunteered a handwritten thank you note and small gift for serving.  
    • After Christmas, personally invite the people who served for the first time to come back and join the team on a regular basis.  We normally get a 60-70% return rate.

    Posted by Dale Hudson