Mar 6, 2012

10 Key Books to Read in 2012

Leaders are always in school...for life.  One way this is accomplished is by consistently reading.  Here are 10 key books I am reading in 2012.  I will be adding others as the year goes along.  I try to strategically choose books in areas I want to grow in.  What are some books you are reading this year?  Share in the comment section below.

(to help maintain balance in my journey)

(seeking ways to implement a more thorough discipleship strategy for the children at our church)

(want to more effectively communicate with parents about their role as their child's spiritual leader)

(want to be a better counselor for parents who are living together unmarried)

(want to be a better counselor for parents who are living together unmarried)

(studying the changing philosophy of education)

(want to learn how to lead more effectively)

 (want to facilitate meetings better)

(want to be more productive)

(personal growth)

Posted by Dale Hudson


I'm reading Fatherless Generation (John Sowers) and Read Aloud Handbook (Jim Trelease). Have a bunch on my to-do list, as always. :)

I've read one of your 10 books - Visionary Parenting. Excellent read. I'm at Div College so I am reading lots of school books which doesn't leave much time for personal reading. I would like to finish reading Boundaries for personal growth.

I'm reading "many communicate few connect" by john Maxwell, to grow in my speaking and relational ability, "Lead Vertically" by Craig Johnson for Leadership, "Breaking intimidation" By John Bevere for boldness, "I blew it" by Brian Dollar,"Raising a modern day joseph""Stretch" & "Kidmin Leadership for Kidmin, "Beat the clock" for time management, "The power of you words" by E.W. Kenyon for confession, and "The energy bus" and "Great by choice" for leadership, organizational, and preparation .skills

Thanks Joey, I'll have to check those out. Fatherless Generation sounds like very helpful.

Erin, couldn't agree more. Visionary Parenting was full of great truth. I highlighted it like crazy as I was reading it.

Tyler, what a great reading list. You have great intentionality in your selections.

Personally, I am reading Spiritual Leadership by Henry and Richard Blackaby. As a children's ministry team, we are reading Formational Children's Ministry by Ivy Beckwith.

Ugh...I just lost a long comment trying to sign in...anyhow, let's see if I can remember it:

In the past, I had a list like this that I could share, but last time around I didn't read many of the books on my this year, I'm freestyling and it's working - I'm clearning off some of my to-be-read books and enjoying some fiction along the way.

So far this year I have read:
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
How Do You Kill 11 Million People?
Killing Floor
Band of Brothers
The Truth About Same Sex Marriage
The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People. Make That Ten.: The Tweets of Steve Martin
Eat That Frog!
Kill Shot
Holocaust Biographies; Adolf Hitler: A Study in Hate

My recommendations from that list would be "How to kil 11 million people" followed by the same sex marriage book.

One thing I think you list lacks, Dale, is a biography. I'm enjoying Metaxas book on Bonhoeffer but the best one I've read so far is Howie Mandel's "Here's the Deal, Don't touch me." Made me feel more normal :)

Thanks for sharing Jesse. I like the idea of adding a biography. I have read Bonhoeffer and it was very challenging. A biography would be a great way to gain insight from another leader.

I am reading Emotionally Healthy Spirituality right now. I recently finished The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. That is a GREAT book, have you read that?

I haven't read The Circle Maker. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the info. Ron. Blessings.

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