Have You Heard the Good News For Family Ministry?

Studies show that Gen X parents are more focused on their family than their Boomer parents were.  76% of Gen X employees say they have no interest in gaining their manager’s position.  Much of this mindset comes from seeing their older bosses spend long hours at the office to the neglect of their families and personal lives.

In theory, it would seem Gen X parents in their 30’s and 40’s would be the frontrunners in seeking a promotion since they have children, have recently bought a house, are paying of a car loan, etc.  But this is not the deciding factor for them. 

No...they are not slackers.  They are simply more family-oriented.   A defining characteristic of Gen X parents is involvement in their children’s lives.   Unlike their Boomer parents, Gen X parents would rather pass on the promotion that involves longer hours and instead go home to be with their kids.

Part of the reason may be Gen Xer’s memories of lonely afternoons and early evenings because their Boomer parents were working long hours.  They want to be there for their children.

Ironically, Gen Xer’s are working more hours than their Boomer parents, but the big difference is they are working smarter.  Technology is allowing them the ability to work from home a lot more.  A recent study shows there has been a 61% increase in people working from home since 2005.  This gives them flexibility in their schedule and the ability to spend more time with their family at home.

This is good news if you are ministering to families.  Gen X parents are at home with their children more.  Gen X parents care about their child’s spiritual formation.  Gen X parents want to be involved and take the lead in discipling their children.  If we place the proper tools in their hands, they will step up to the plate spiritually for their children.

Ponder these questions…

How are you encouraging Gen X parents to be the spiritual leader of their children?

What discipleship tools are you placing in Gen X parent’s hands?  

How are you helping Gen X parents leverage the time they have at home with their children?

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Posted by Dale Hudson