You Gotta' Be the Squeaky Wheel

As the Children's Ministry Leader, it's your job to be the squeaky wheel for Children's Ministry at your church. 

Here's some squeaky tips...

Share Children's Ministry stories of life change with church leadership.

Pass along Children's Ministry praise reports to church leadership.

Share articles, quotes, and stats about the importance of Children's Ministry with church leadership.

Look for opportunities to share about Children's Ministry with the church.  Opportunities like Bible study classes for adults, church services, men's ministry, women's ministry, etc.  Remember to share vision...not need.

Set up a Children's Ministry table/booth in the church lobby.

Take the initiative and ask for Children's Ministry announcements and praise reports to be placed in the church bulletin, newsletter, website, etc.

Identify barriers to Children's Ministry growth and come up with potential solutions.  Good leaders not only identify problems, but solutions as well.  The difference between whining and squeaking is bringing both to the table.

Provide church leadership with a weekly Children's Ministry report.  Include...
  • Attendance
  • YTD attendance average
  • YTD vs. last year YTD attendance average
  • Number of volunteers
  • YTD volunteer average
  • YTD vs. last year YTD volunteer average
  • Number of children in Small Groups YTD
  • Number of guest families YTD
  • Number of children dedicated YTD
  • Number of children baptized YTD
  • Number of children who have attended any special classes such as baptism class, discipleship classes, etc. YTD
Be squeaky without being annoying.  Use wisdom and the right timing when you squeak.

Stop waiting for someone else to champion Children's Ministry at your church.  You gotta' be the squeaky wheel!