Who's On Your List?

John Maxwell talks about how he made a list as a young leader.  It was a list of leaders he wanted to learn from.  He called each of them and asked if he could meet with them individually.  He gained wisdom and insight from these people.  It was a catalyst for him as a young leader.

Do you have a list?

Make a list of leaders you want to learn from.  Call and see if you can meet with them or at least schedule a phone conversation with them.  Don't think they have time to talk with you?  You'd be surprised.  You have not because you ask not.  When you do talk with them, be prepared with a list of questions.

Make a list of churches and ministries you want to learn from.  Go and visit at least one a year.  Spend a weekend there.  Meet with their leaders.  Observe.  Ask questions. 

Make a list of books you want to read.  If you need some suggestions, here are some I recommend Always have a list of books you are working on.

Make a list of blogs/websites you are going to read.  Subscribe to the updates.  There are so many growth opportunities waiting for you on the web.

Lists don't create themselves...they are created.  Be intentional.  Making a list is a great first step toward becoming a better Children's Ministry leader.