10 Traits of Highly Successful Children's Ministers

Here are 10 traits you will find in highly successful Children's Ministers.  The good news is all of us can learn and acquire these traits.

They lead from the inside out.  Their leadership flows from their relationship with Christ.  They guard and protect this above all else.

They are lifelong learners.  They know they will never arrive and are constantly reading, asking questions, and seeking to grow.

They know how to cast vision.  They can rally people behind a common cause.

They are loyal.  They are loyal to their Pastor, staff, volunteers, and other church leaders.

They know how to lead up.  They make a difference not only in Children's Ministry, but in the entire church.

Longevity.  They avoid moral pitfalls that would cause them to forfeit their ministry.  They maintain a sustainable ministry pace that allows them to go the distance.

Humility.  They are confident, but not cocky.
They are team builders.  They know how to build a thriving staff and volunteer team.

Passion.  They have passion that is contagious.

They lead adults well.  They are just as good with adults as they are kids.

What other traits do you believe help a Children's Minister succeed?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.