Research Shows Each New Generation of KIds Is Getting Smarter

Scientists say research shows that each new generation of kids is getting smarter.

Studies show that a standard IQ test administered to people from various generations has conclusively proved the fact that there has been a linear and uninterrupted increase in the average human intellectual capabilities.

One reason may be the advancements in technology.  A person now in his 40s had limited access to technological inventions, the web, or mobile communication in his childhood.

In stark contrast to this, consider his son born in the 1990s, who is quite adept and comfortable using these advancements.  Even though he is using these technologies unknowingly, (his brain comprehends more facts than what his father's did, at his age) the average effort put in by his brain to understand a particular system is higher than his father's brain.

Scientist say it also may be due to a variety of reasons like better nutrition, large-scale exposure to many concepts at a young age, interactive media and so on.

What do you think?  Are kids getting smarter?  Makes sense to me every time I ask my kids how to do something on the computer or smartphone.