The Question Parents Ask the Most in Children's Ministry

When parents pick their child up after church, there's one question you will hear them ask more than any other.


Before you say parents are shallow and should be asking "What did you learn from the Bible?," take a moment and think about what they mean when they ask that question.

Read between the lines.  What they are really asking is...
  • Were your emotional needs met today?
  • Was it engaging?
  • Was it age appropriate?
  • Was the lesson relevant to your life?
  • Did they honor your learning style?
  • Did anyone make a personal connection with you?
  • Did you feel valued?
  • Did they honor your attention span?
  • Did you get to talk and share your thoughts?
  • Did they make a life application for your life?
If you answer these questions for the child, then the child's answer will be "yes" to "Did you have fun today?"