10 Things You Should Never Say on Sunday morning

Words matter...especially when it comes to guests who walk in your church doors.  Your words will make them feel a certain way.

And they will remember how you made them feel...which will determine if they return or not.

These words may seem like small things, but they carry a lot of weight.  Do you find yourself saying them?  You may want to consider adjusting.

Enjoy the service.
Interpretation: You're a spectator.  Sit back and watch.  It's not about you...it's about what's happening on the stage.
Instead:  Welcome.  So glad you're part of the service today.

Are you new here?
Interpretation:  I don't know you.  Even if you've been coming for 20 years, you're not important.
Instead:  Hey,  I'm ___________ (name.)  I don't think I've had the privilege of meeting you yet.

Hey brother / sister so and so.
Interpretation:  We are family.  You are not. (and we're old school)
Instead:  Just use first names.

Thanks for visiting today.
Interpretation:  You're an outsider.
Instead:  We're honored to have you as our guest. 

You have to have your security tag when you pick up your child.
Interpretation:  We are in charge and you have to follow our rules.
Instead:  The security tag is to help ensure your child is safe.  Please bring your part of the tag when you pick him or her up.

Interpretation:  We are impersonal.  
Instead:  I apologize.

I don't know.
Interpretation:  I don't care and I'm too lazy to find out the answer.
Instead:  That's a great question.  Let me find out the answer for you.

You did not...
Interpretation:  It's all your fault and we want you to know you made a mistake.
Instead:  Let me help you...

Go down that hallway.  Take a left.  Go up the stairs.  Take a right at the water fountain...
Interpretation:  You're not important enough for me to leave this spot.  Good luck.  You're on your own.
Instead:  I'd be honored to walk with you there.

Let me TRY to help you.
Interpretation:  I may or may not be able to accommodate you.
Instead:  I can help you.

What are some other things that we shouldn't say on Sunday mornings (or any other time)?  Share them with us in the comment section below.